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New Balance Shoes? 6 Replies

Hmmm...not real sure how to post here....'s story.... Just back from vacation in FLA.....took long walks along beach for exercise/fun (more than usually walk at home)  It was colder than I'd like there....(hah!) , was wearing shoes…Continue

Started by laurie in Plantar Fasciitis Talk. Last reply by Lilly Derrah Aug 10.

Any tips for before/after my op? 1 Reply

Hello everyone,I am hoping for some advice please.I've had PF for over two years now in my right foot. I got it through running. Over the last two years I have tried everything to cure/ease the pain, smiliar to everyone else. I am now at the point…Continue

Started by Ely Heap in Plantar Fasciitis Talk. Last reply by Kimberly1evans Jun 25.

Going barefoot actually helping? 16 Replies

Everyone recommends never going barefoot if you have PF. However, I find that the only time I am pain-free, or nearly so, is going barefoot. Any kind of shoe makes the pain worse. When I do wear shoes, the recommended type (elevated heel, lots of…Continue

Tags: barefoot, shoes

Started by JanetM in Plantar Fasciitis Talk. Last reply by Kimberly1evans Jun 25.

PF caused by gait?

My right heel started hurting on the very outside, but only when I tilted my foot to the side. I could walk and run (9 miles a week) without any pain. When I started to develop a heel spur I went to see the first podiatrist. He showed me the now too…Continue

Tags: symptoms, cause, gait, Arthritis

Started by Beatrix M in Plantar Fasciitis Talk May 12.

Fall after surgery 3 Replies

I had surgery on my left foot on Thur 4/6. Dr wants me partial weight bearing with assistance. and Im also in a CAM Boot. Today Mon 4/10 my cats were fighting, and I went to investigate. While trying to get my one cat back downstairs, I came down…Continue

Tags: Fall, Surgery, Fasciitis, Plantar

Started by Jackie in Plantar Fasciitis Talk. Last reply by Tammie Tellier Apr 25.

anyone had hip pain related to plantar fasciitis

Hi i work as a district nurse and first developed this condition approx one and a half years ago . I had bent forward and felt a sharp pain from the underside of my right foot which took my breath away. Not thinking nothing of it the pain got worse…Continue

Started by Chris in Plantar Fasciitis Talk Apr 13.


Has anyone tried Bowen therapy for plantar fascitis Continue

Started by Chris in Plantar Fasciitis Talk Apr 12.

blogger who calls himself "Angry Orthopod" 29 Replies

His blog is well worth reading.  I've been trying to find an answer to plantar fasciitis for 2 years, and what he says in his article about plantar fasciitis  makes more sense than anything else I've heard.  I'm not saying this to promote him; in…Continue

Tags: plantar fasciitis

Started by Adriane Young in Plantar Fasciitis Talk. Last reply by Louise Lobo Apr 9.

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